“A total album experience, these songs cover a menu of emotions, and articulate psychic pain with gut-wrenching precision.” (Music Connection
“With this disc, Radigan has taken more risks than most singers take in a lifetime…The CD is obsessive, intimate, daring and utterly essential…” (Paul Riley, Country Music People)

“If you seek out artists of substance, make sure Radigan is on your shopping list. Akin to the latter day work of Daniel Lanois and post-Band Robbie Robertson, rootsy Radigan and her able crew opt for sparse, atmospheric arrangements which afford her seductive melodies lots of space to breathe. Few artists can bare their souls with so many catchy hooks and witty lyrics - as evidenced in I Don't Wanna Feel Like That and the quirky, campy jug-band romp Mistake. Much like the above reference artists, Radigan waxes timeless records.” (Tom Semioli, Minor 7th

“Radigan is smart enough not to turn the album into the kind of self-therapy sessions that many breakup albums become. Instead, she focuses more on the many emotions that come with that sort of major life change, touching with insight and honesty on betrayal (Love Wouldn’t Lie To Me) and sadness (I Don’t Want To Feel Like That) before concluding that there’s plenty to look forward to (Not Giving Up On Love).” (Alan Sculley, Monday Music Fix)

“The Breakdown of a Breakup is a gift to anyone who’s ever gone through a breakup or experienced a major life change. With clarity, honesty, and an occasional dash of humor, Radigan opens her heart up to listeners.” (Apsara)

“…[a] gorgeous collection of moody and atmospheric tunes. Almost every song on the album is a winner.” (Music Row Magazine)

“Terry Radigan’s music is a rare combination of influences, appealing to both mind and body, and amounting to nothing short of an unexpected pop-music triumph.” (Off Beat Magazine)

“Radigan’s songs are world class and her voice is so enticing.” (Puremusic.com)

“Radigan displays a keen ability to capture your attention with her melodies and her familiar voice.” (Fallout Magazine)